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45 Lavender Hill, Clapham Junction, SW11 5QW | Phone: 020-7223-5114  | Email:

Battersea Dental Clinic is a friendly family dental practice.
Located in the heart of Battersea in Clapham Junction.

We offer free consultations, General Dental,  Family Dentistry, Tooth Pain, Straight Teeth, Whitening, Endodontic Dentistry,  Cosmetic Dentistry, Children’s  Dentistry, Dental Implants‎, Emergency Dental Care

45 / A  Lavender Hill,
Clapham Junction,
SW11 5QW

Phone: 020-7223-5114 

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Chipped Teeth

√ veneers
√ white fillings

Discoloured Teeth

√ whitening
√ crowns
√ veneers

Bad Breath

√ hygenist
√ oral hygiene instructor


√ acrylic
√ metal based


√ filling
√ root canal treatment
√ tooth extraction

Missing Teeth

√ implants
√ dentures
√ bridges


We believe in a specialist approach to dentistry and we have dentists that cover different specialities.
The clinic has dentists specialising in oral surgery, endodontics and orthodontics.
Competitive prices, expert implant surgeons and free no obligation consultations.



Opening Hours

Monday – Friday:  9am – 8pm
Saturday – Sunday:   9am – 6pm

Primary Contacts

Phone: 020-7223-5114 



Our modern and friendly Battersea Dental [ Dentistry ] clinic and welcoming team of highly respected general dentists and specialists aim are to maintain the highest standards in modern dentistry ranging from general care to the most complex and specialized procedures. If you specifically want to see a male or female dentist that can be arranged. We respect and understand each other’s dental skills and therefore treatment plans can easily be passed from one dentist to another depending on what is convenient for you. We use the latest in dental expertise and technology to make sure you receive the highest standards of dental care available today. Award-winning service, Dental sedation provider, Experienced dentists and specialists, Nervous patients are welcome. The Clinic “Battersea Dentist” is located in Clapham Junction