Acrylic Dentures

Acrylic dentures or plastic dentures are two types. One is acrylic partial denture and the other one is acrylic full denture. Acrylic partial denture as it name implies replaces some missing teeth in patient’s mouth. The number of tooth it may hold can range start from single tooth.

For an acrylic partial denture the dentist first takes the impression of the patient s mouth with some impression material mainly alginate or rubber base impression material. Then the impression is poured with plaster and the hard cast is made. The shade of the patients existing tooth colour is selected and the cast is sent to the laboratory where the partial denture is fabricated and on the next appointment delivered to the patient by the dentist.

Technically this type of acrylic partial denture are called temporary partial denture because often its needs changing.

Some people might have allergy to acrylic materials and they can’t wear those acrylic dentures. Other problem that might patient face with acrylic dentures are colour stability, frequent fractures etc.

Other form of acrylic denture is complete denture. In complete denture the full set of teeth are replaced with acrylic denture. The steps involved in the complete denture fabrication are primary impression, followed by special tray fabrication and final impression, jaw relation recording; try in with wax denture and finally the delivery of acrylic complete denture. Initially the patient of complete denture might have certain issue with denture like problem with retaining the denture in mouth, sore spot, and difficulty in chewing or speech. But with frequent visit to dentist and on careful examination these problems can be easily sorted out.