For discoloured tooth another treatment option is full coverage tooth coloured crown. Full veneer crown is described as “A restoration that covers all the coronal tooth surfaces (Mesial, Distal, Facial, Lingual and Occlusal)”. Here patient has two options either full ceramic crown or the other is metal ceramic crown. Both are tooth coloured and the colour is often well matched with the other adjacent tooth colour. Full coverage crown often indicated in cases where the discolouration is more profound along with surface deformities Other than this in post root canal treatment discolouration full coverage crown may be a choice as it provides a resistance for the weakened tooth.

For full veneer crown the tooth are reduced from all surfaces with high speed air rotor hand piece an diamond bur under local anaesthesia and well illumination. Then the prepared tooth is checked for sufficient clearance for the metal ceramic or full ceramic crown. For full ceramic crown the tooth has to be reduced more than metal ceramic crown. The shade of the tooth is matched with the shade guide. Then the impression of the prepared tooth is made and the cast is sent to the lab for fabrication of the crown. On next sitting the crown is cemented with the prepared tooth with either glass ionomer cement or resin cement.

For preparation of the crown to delivery of the crown ,it takes minimum two to three visits.

The result obtained with the crown is most stable and with full ceramic crown the satisfaction of the patient is also very high.

Crowns does not have any side effects except occasional high point which can give  the patient little discomfort. But this problem can be easily solved