Dentures can also be an option to replace missing teeth in mouth. Dentures can be full or compete denture to replace all missing teeth as in elderly patient or it can be partial denture to replace a few missing teeth in mouth. Normally this denture is called removable denture meaning that patient has to take it from the mouth at night .Removable denture is mostly indicated when there is no back teeth to support fixed bridges  and where patient can’t afford implant either due to cost or due to some debilitating condition or bone diseases .

For dentures patients impression are taken and then cast is poured and sent to the lab for fabrication. On the next appointment the denture is given after minor adjacent. For compete denture it takes longer time and more complex procedures. Dentures are more economic than bridges or implant.

For removable denture its take two appointment whereas for complete denture it requires 5 to 6 appointments.

Dentures improve the chewing efficiency for the patient dramatically.

Denture ulcers or loosening of dentures are frequent side effects.