Metal Based Dentures

Metal Based partial Dentures are the actual removable partial denture that a dentist gives to his patient. A metal-based denture is one in which a portion of the denture body is made of a substantial metal casting rather than all plastic (acrylic resin). This procedure is usually done on the lower denture. There are two types of metal-based dentures.

Standard metal-based denture: The metal base portion of the denture is in direct contact with underlying supporting tissues. The base is fabricated from a special medical grade alloy that is hypoallergenic and very biocompatible with tissues. Generally, tissues in contact with this type of material are very healthy in appearance.

Modified metal-based denture: The metal base portion of the denture is not in direct contact with underlying supporting tissues. A soft or hard plastic liner may be interposed between the metal and supporting tissues. The advantages of metal base dentures are: Very biocompatible and hypoallergenic with healthy-appearing supporting tissues, Can be relined easily, Provides added strength for easily broken narrow dentures, Facilitates fabrication of stable narrow-based dentures that are designed to avoid contact with disrupting muscle forces, Patients perceive a more natural feeling from the added weight, Dimensionally very stable when compared to all-plastic-based dentures during fabrication and over time.

For metal based denture some tooth preparation of the patient’s mouth may be required before taking the impression. The mouth preparation may include removal of undercut from tooth followed by preparation of some grooves or rest seat on teeth. Certain measurement of mouth can also be made. After this the impression are taken and sent to the lab. On next appointment trial dentures are placed and after that the final dentures are given.

If properly constructed this dentures are most acceptable to the patient since it is more stable and resistance to fracture.

It takes almost three to your visit to your dentist for fabrication of a metal based denture.

Only side effects that patient might have is the allergy to the metal used in denture fabrication. Other than this sensitivity of prepared tooth can be there.